We are with you

“Our Texas roots are firmly grounded in hard work.  We know ISO’s are out there everyday working hard finding and supporting their merchants. 

Your efforts are rewarded with our programs and our ease of doing business.  We Are 100% ISO Only, No Internal Sales Team”

Mike Ballases, Co-Founder


The Funding Box

“We are A Merchant Cash Advance Funder, however, do not play everywhere. Where we do play, we are best of breed.  Here is Our Sweet Spot:

Fund from $5,000 to $150,000

B Paper Funder

1st, 2nd & 3rd Positions

2 Hour turnaround Time

We Also Fund Difficult  Industries; Construction, Trucking & Auto Dealers”

Adam Beebe, Co-Founder



Our Value Proposition

“Our owners are hands-on and always available.  The result is not only speed but the agility to make decisions quickly to meet your merchant needs.  In addition, there are numerous ways for our ISO community to earn incremental revenue:

Creative Solutions built around Merchant Cashflow

Pay 100% Commission On All Renewals

Monthly Volume Bonus Program

Early Buy-Out Discount

Syndication Opportunities 

White Label Programs

Credit Card Splits”

Adam Van Doren, COO 

ISO Relationship & Business Development

“As a Merchant Cash Advance Funder we view ISO’s as our customers.  The Accord team values the unique Relationship we have With You and Work  hard to achieve a satisfactory solution & experience for your merchant. 

Our efforts extend beyond execution of “the deal”.  Visit our Blog and Social Presence where we share information that you may find of value to your business.”

Aldo Castro, VP Sales & Marketing